Are these firearms functional?
-All of the firearms are fully functional.
-They can be fired, but firing any of our firearms will void the warranty of the finish and destroy their value.
-Even working the lever, spinning the cylinder, or any other movement of working parts will produce marks on the finish.
Do you sell cases?
We produce oak display cases. They may be ordered at any time to custom fit one or more firearms.

Standard Case $600+shipping

Double Case $900+shipping
How do I care for the firearm?
-We recommend you handle the firearm with a pair of soft gloves (all firearms sold come with a pair of gloves) to prevent fingerprints on the finish.
-A light coat of high-quality gun oil, such as Tri-Flow, should be applied periodically, whether the firearm is in storage or on display.
-NEVER USE polish cloths, tarnish remover, polishing compounds, or any paper products on your firearm.
How do I place an order?
Please contact us directly here. Toll Free: 800-619-5729
-We require a deposit of $1,000 with each order to be paid by check, money order or major credit card.
-Standard Production time is 3-5 months after the order is placed.
-We will contact you for shipping instructions. The firearm must be shipped to a business or individual who holds a current Federal Firearms License(FFL).
Is there a secondary market?
We do not actively manage or get involved in the secondary market, although there is one readily available. Most pieces are sold through word of mouth. If you are interested in selling a firearm, we will make note of your intentions and pass it along to someone looking for your piece.
What are my guarantees?
-We will guarantee the firearm for life as long as proper care is given to the firearm and it is not fired or abused.
-Instructions for care of your firearm are provided with your purchase.
-Each special edition is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.
What are the legal requirements?
-The main legal requirement is to have the firearm shipped to someone who holds a current Federal Firearms License, often referred to as an FFL.
-We must hold a signed copy of the FFL for the firearms shipping destination.
-When you pick up the firearm, a background check will be done before it can be released to you.
-We will adhere to all federal, state and local gun laws pertaining to the purchase of firearms.
What is the significance of a "numbered" gun?
-Each edition is limited to a certain number of pieces.
-The firearm is given the number of the piece and the total number in the edition. (For example, 1 of 100 or 24 of 250.)
-While there are a few numbers that are sought after more than others, any number can be special to someone. We let you choose your number out of what is available.